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Softatalo AIDA Oy specializes in the optimization, research,
development and implementation of energy systems.

About Us

Softatalo AIDA Oy's energy optimization system was born as a result of international teamwork, research and product development by A-Sprinkleri Oy supported by SITRA - Finnish National Fund for Research and Development.

Petri Aalto

Managing Director

Mobile: 040 544 9200

Juhani Aalto

Chief Technology Officer

Mobile: 040 522 3598

Benjam Aspelund

Project Coordinator

Mobile: 045 262 8551

Jan-Erik Bagge

Sales Director

Mobile: 040 742 6040

Noora Luoma

Project Coordinator

Ecological thinking

New automation technology together with our energy saving methods increases efficiency and reduces energy consumption by cutting overflow and excessive pressure. This can be proved by comparing the amount of energy consumption of
exactly the same operations with the optimized energy consumption.

Our clients

Cooperation with our clients is based on constructive interaction. Mutual trust and openness in all phases of the project has proven to be a successful solution from preliminary planning to implementation of the projects.


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